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With the weather starting to deteriorate it is essential that you check your roof to ensure that it will see you through the winter months. When checking your roof to see if you need any roof repairs here are some of the areas that you should consider. Gutter joints: These are very susceptible to leaking and should be checked at least once a year. Roof slates: Have a look to see if any slates or tiles have slipped broken or fallen out. It is best to use a pair of binoculars when checking these. Just one slate can cause lots of damage so it is best you get your roof repair done as quickly as possible. Chimneys In my many years of being a roofers in huddersfield I have found that chimneys are the most likely place on a roof to leak. The reason for this is that they penetrate the roof and wherever there is a join in a roof it is always more likely to leak. Always check your lead work around a chimney as this is the most likely area to cause a leak. If you haven’t got the time to inspect your roof why not give Eagle Roofing a call? We will come and survey your roof free of charge. We will give you our expert opinion and all the different options available to you. Thank you for taking the time to read this post and I look forward to hearing from you.


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