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Different Types of Flat Roofs

When it comes to many homes across Huddersfield, standard shingles and slanted roofs are simply not part of their construction. Flat roofs are a popular option among many homes in the Huddersfield England area and as a result it’s important to have a quality roofer on standby with some type of experience in flat roof repairs and replacement.
Our flat roofers in Huddersfield have years of experience in replacement and repair as well as full installation of flat roofs across England. Many of our skilled roofers has decades of experience and as a result we have worked with industry-standard materials over many years of service. Eagle roofing utilizes the best tools in the best equipment to ensure that you get the longest lifespan of your flat roof. Here are some of the different types of flat roofs that we have experience installing and repairing:
Felt Flat Roof: this is one of the most popular types of flat roof sealers available. Layers of felt our embedded onto a hot poured tar or bitumen base. There are also specialty torch on felt roof materials which can be applied. Both of these options will work for a long lifespan but there is a difference in budget between both types of felt installations. Felt roofing is generally one of the quickest replacements as well as a great budget friendly option.
Rubber Flat Roof: a rubber membrane roof can also be an excellent option for replacement and repair. This type of material resembles the same type of rubber you might find in an inner tube but it’s very good at absorbing sunlight and resisting damage. Rubber membrane roofs are anchored using special fasteners and then secured with glue. Repairs can be done on rubber flat roof quite easily and it generally lasts over a long period of time without any type of leaks, scuffs or wear.
Fiberglass Flat Roof: this type of roof structure was generally made of some type of hot tar and gravel material and built up through many layers. Today, Fiberglas membranes now form the built-up roof construction. A fiberglass roof installation is extremely appealing visually and it’s also relatively inexpensive. Advanced materials in Fiberglas roofing also make this an excellent option for fire resistance.
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