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Advances in Roof Technology

Every time we think about technological advances, we fail to recognize the advances in roofing technology.  Nevertheless, a technologically advanced roof makes it more durable and resistant to heat water and natural disasters. If you are looking for a roof that will help you save energy, go for technology. Although we may not offer all the services listed in this article, we have found it fit to inform our dear clients on the latest roofing technological advances so that you can remain informed. The confederation for roofing contractors advises clients to install the most technologically advanced roofs to safe energy and protect their families.

Fire resistance roofing

As technology advances in fireproof coatings, it is availing several options for you to protect your roof from fire. Roofing materials such as wooden shakes will burn easily in case of fire, however if you’re roof is made of tiles, slate or metal, you stand a good chance of avoiding fire damages. Have in mind that roofs made of metal can escalate the intensity of a fire in the house.

To curb such risks from consuming your roof, some companies have invested heavily on technology that can stint the spread of fire. A normal fire occurs due to exothermic reactions whereby there is a production of excess heat which becomes fire. These companies are also considering using volcanic rocks which need a lot of heat to begin a reaction. This stops the generation and spread flames.

Flat roofing

There are newer types of flat roofing that are made of PCV and TPO fabrics which are durable and waterproof. In fact some of them reflect away instead of absorbing it which improves ventilation cutting cost on air conditioning. Most of these techniques are still under development to ensure that they offer value for money.

Cool roofing

This technology is applicable in 2 different ways. Normally, it can be a reflective material which is made to reflect light away to the environment. This prevents absorption of heat reducing the amount of heat that finally reaches your house. Roof that are painted with light colors are generally referred to as cool though some of them are colorless.

Green roofing

Perhaps you are already confused about the difference between a green roof and a cool roof. A green roof stands for a roof that is generally designed to save energy. Garden roofs and solar shingles fit.


Overtime, insulating technology has evolved to included fiber glass which is generally woven. Such woven materials provide perfect insulation to ensure for any home. At Eagle Roofing, we strive to ensure that all of the roofs we install are well insulated to ensure that you do not incur unnecessary energy costs. For this reason, we have dedicated our services to be the most tech advanced. If you are interested in having a technologically advanced roof, contact us now.


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