Chimney Repairs

Common Issues of Chimneys and Ways to Fix Them

Chimneys are designed in ways that they draw smoke and gases away from house that have been produced by the fire up. It is important to get rid of these gases as they are extremely dangerous. One of these gases is carbon monoxide which can even kill the people in case inhaled in excess, is also produced during the fire up. Other important function of the chimney is to hold the excess of heat from the fire until and unless it is vented to outside. Most of the things in the house are combustible. If the chimney is not capable of getting the hot air out without leaks, then it may easily cause fire in the home. It is due to these fact that chimney repair is needed to be done correctly to ensure the safety of friends and family members. Underlined are some of the tips that ensure the proper working of fireplace and avoiding repair issues.

Creosote Buildup: Whenever wood or just any other solid is set on fire. Oil is produced that is named as Creosote. Over the time it builds up on the inner side of the chimney. In case it is not properly maintained, it will pile up and igniting up the chimney will cause fire in it.

Blockage: Blockage in the flue of the chimney is another issue that needs to be well addressed. This can happen because of the material dislodging in the chimney or even by the nests of animals. These kinds of blockages affect the efficiency of the chimney in getting the gases, smoke, and heat out of your house.

Brickwork issues: In case the flue starts to erode or leak, the brickwork around the exterior requires extensive repair work. In case it is not properly responded, it may weaken the overall structure of the house.

Chimney crown and cap: Roof of the chimney is usually made up of a crown or a cap surrounding the flue. It keeps the debris and water away from entering the chimney. Moreover if there are cracked pieces then again it affects the working of chimney.

In order to ensure the safety of your home, you must have carbon dioxide detectors in your home. These should be there on each floor or at least where your family sleeps. Also do not forget to check them on regular basis to see if they are working properly to keep an eye on even the low levels of carbon dioxide.

In case you come across any of these issues just mentioned above, you must contact professional roofing companies Huddersfield.

Eagle roofing is one such contractor that will facilitate you in getting your chimney repairs in professional manner. They offer chimney repairs services. In case you are building a new house and want to build chimney then make sure you have met the clearance requirements. Read the height and clearance requirements for chimneys to avoid inconvenience in long run.


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