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Roofers in Halifax Discover the Advantages of Drones for Roof Survey

Commercial buildings are huge and tall. A large company uses its office as a stamp to showcase its strength and magnitude. This philosophy results in giant buildings, which have scores of floors. The signature office buildings serve their purpose but from roofer’s point of view, they create quite a challenge for observational roof checkups.

The ancient method, rather current, is a cherry picker or scaffolding. If you know about these two techniques, you will immediately understand the level of risk, labor and time required to get a roof inspected by professionals. Since it is too risky, the roofers ask for ahefty amount of fees as well.

However, things are going to change pretty soon. Thanks to drones or UAV’s (Unmanned Air Vehicles), inspecting the roofs of really tall buildings isn’t a difficult task anymore. It has completely changed the game in terms of money, time, risk and labor.

Roofers in Halifax tell advantages of drones

Let’s explore few more advantages of drones for roof survey;

Eliminating the risk

Imagine a roofer on a cherry picker trying to get a better look at a roof of a very tall building. The impertinent wind is usually merciless at such heights. The roofer has to fight with the extremely powerful wind and focus on inspecting the roof. There is a major level of threat to his life and at the same time, you are not getting the correct observations too.

Now when we talk about drone, it is controlled by an expert pilot who is sitting in an office on ground. He can maneuver the drone easily and get access to the nook and cranny of the roof without any trouble. Also, the drone has been designed in a way to handle the strong wind pressure. You get high definition images of the roof which enable you to witness the area closely.

Eliminating the disruption

The cherry picker or scaffolding requires a certain amount of preparation. There has to be a number of workers staying alert on ground cordoning off the area and performing other duties. Whereas the drone requires no such protocol, it is a loner who can go up alone and perform an excellent job without any fuss.

Elimination the high cost

We have mentioned drones and it is one of the most advanced technologies of today. However, that doesn’t translate into an elevated cost. In comparison to other methods for roof survey, drones are a much cheaper option.

For further information on using drones commercially in the roofing industry, contact Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) as they are responsible for rules and regulations to use drones in the UK airspace.

Roofers in Halifax are open to welcome such advanced solutions for different roofing tasks as it not only makes their job easy but also satisfies the client.


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