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Why Halifax Roofers prefer synthetic slates over natural slates?

Natural slates have been the roofing choice for many years in the UK and all around the world. However, natural slates come with a ton of baggage which is hard to handle for Halifax Roofers and eventually homeowners. Halifax roofers have figured out a perfect alternative solution for people who prefer the slates as roofs.

Before delving into the solution, let’s briefly delve into the problems with the natural slates;

Issues with natural slates

Natural slates seem to have problems with the production, installation and durability. They are very expensive, for starters.

They are pretty heavy, which makes the transportation and eventually installation a difficult task. Also, natural slates are really delicate to drill, nail or cut. They can crack even by a light impact like foot traffic.

Solution comes in shape of synthetic slates

According to Halifax Roofers, synthetic slates come as a pretty commendable alternative to the natural slates. Synthetic slates are considered as a modern version of the natural ones. They are produced by mixing rubber, plastic and other natural ingredients to intact the look and feel of the natural slates. Also, synthetic slates are much cheaper, they are easier to transport and roofers don’t have any problem installing them.

Here, we would like to delve a bit more into the advantages of synthetic slates;


Synthetic slates are completely recyclable, even the ones that have natural material. Natural slates don’t have this quality and they simply add to the carbon footprint.

Retain Color

The natural slates fade quickly as compared to the synthetic ones because the slates have added ultraviolet inhibitors that fight with the sunlight. However, synthetic slates do slightly change in color after a certain time and exposure to the sun.

Resilient and Durable

Unlike natural slates, synthetic slates are produced in a way to survive the heavy storms and impacts. They are tested in manufacturing factories against different testers to assess their resiliency.

Fire Resistant

The synthetic slates get Class A ratings mostly when it comes to fire resistance. In simple words, they can stand a mighty fire attack and will not spread the fire. However, this quality is hard to compare with the natural slates as they are completely immune to fire. Natural slates get the highest fire resistance ratings among all roofing types.

Costing of Synthetic Slates

The cost of a synthetic slate roof falls somewhat in the middle area. They are expensive than the asphalt and sheet but cheaper than clay tiles and natural slates. Most synthetic slates come with the guarantee of 40 to 50 years. They are known to survive for a century so definitely, the property owners are saving money on the maintenance.

Halifax Roofers Recommend

At the end of the day, the final call is yours. Both natural and synthetic slates are there to stay in the roofing industry for a long time.


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