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Christmas Decorating – 4 Tips to Prevent Damaging Your Roof

With the holidays approaching, everyone is becoming excited. It is officially the time to decorate, fight the neighborhood Christmas light battle, and see who can find the largest roof decorations. However, many people do not think about the damage they are doing to their roof if they do not put their decorations up right.

Eagle Roofing Contractors have created a list of 4 Christmas decorating tips to allow you to enjoy Christmas, and avoid damaging your roof. Before we dive into the ways you can avoid damaging your roof, we should cover the most important part first, having your roof inspected.

There have been countless cases where Eagle was called out to repair the damage which began with Christmas decorating. Over time, the damage became worse, leading to serious leaks and more expense than preparing with the right equipment would have. Ensuring that your roof is in the best shape will ensure that the following tips are effective.

Put Down the Nails!

The most detrimental mistake decorators make is using nails and hammers to hold decorations on their roof. The amount of damage nails can do to your roof is astronomical. It ruins the shingles and the boards underneath of them. This leaves holes where water can drip in.

The good news is, you can purchase clips that are made specifically for decorating on your roof.

Do Not Put Too Much Weight on Gutters

When it comes to hanging lights on your gutters for Christmas lights, it is best to use clips. Make sure to use the gutter clips as directed because too much weight on the gutter can cause damage, or simply rip your gutter off the house.

Pay Attention to Your Chimney

Companies have developed a lot of elaborate, lightweight decorations. They are perfect for putting on the roof. However, you need to be careful when putting them around your chimney, or chimney flue. Windy conditions can cause hot coals, or even flames to come up the chimney and catch the decoration on fire. Make sure all decorations and blow up items are far from the chimney.

Do Not Rip Decorations Down

After the holidays are over, you would feel silly leaving your Christmas lights up, right? It might initially seem like a great idea to give the lights a tug, even though you took hours to clip them onto the gutter, but resist the urge with everything you have.

Always take the time to dismantle the system in order to prevent damage to the roof and the gutter. If someone already decided to pull on the string of lights, contact Eagle Roofing to complete the gutter repair in a fast, accurate way before the problem escalates to the point of needing roof repair.

Holiday decorating is fun and exciting. During this excitement, you do not want to cause unnecessary damage to your home that will worsen over time.

Make sure that you are properly prepared for each of your holiday decorating ventures, and ensure that you have the right equipment to make decorating safe for you, your family, and your home.

Wishing you all the joys of the season and happiness throughout the coming year.

Merry Christmas from Eagle Roofing!


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