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3 Winter Roof Problems that Plague Homeowners

Eagle roofing want to draw attention to the three winter roof problems that plague homeowners who have not had their roof inspected. The roof of your home is not only the most important part of your home, it is also the most overlooked aspect. If you know your roof has problems, but you plan on waiting until spring to fix them, you could be setting yourself up for a disaster. All roofing problems should be addressed before winter sets in, and at the very latest, before the first snowfall. Here are the top five disasters that occur when a roof is not kept up.

Possibility of Ice Dams

While it isn’t a common problem, when whether conditions are just right, ice dams do develop. These dams are extremely destructive to your roof, and the underlying support system. Ice dams also tend to collapse, causing the gutters to fall, tiles to rip off, and leaks to develop inside your house.

Ice dams are created when heat coming through the roof warms the underside of the snow. As the water runs down, it refreezes at the overhang, where it is colder. The ice lifts the tiles along the edge of the roof and allows water to run into your home.

The Dreaded Icicles

Most people feel that icicles are harmless. Unfortunately, they are not. They are caused by the same condition that creates ice dams. They can extensively damage your roof system, demolish your gutters, and injure people. By properly sealing the edge of your roof, you can prevent them from occurring and damaging your home.

Excessive Amounts of Snow

Snow is beautiful, even in large quantities. Well, unless your roof is not prepared for it. A well-designed roof is meant to hold loads of snow. However, older roofs that are not properly maintained are at risk for collapse. You must also consider that ice weighs more than snow, which means a roof that is not properly maintained is at a higher risk of falling if it is not repaired before winter sets in.

Having a company clean your roof after excessive snow falls is imperative to protect your investment, and protect your family. Even if your roof is new, deficient workmanship, and inadequate drainage can promote the occurrence of this problem.

Excessive loads of snow without having it regularly cleaned, and having proper drainage, you can experience the following problems:

[cs_list cs_list_type=”icon” cs_border=”no”][list_item =”null” cs_list_icon=”icon-check”] Sagging ceiling [/list_item][list_item =”null” cs_list_icon=”icon-check”] Popping and cracking noises [/list_item][list_item =”null” cs_list_icon=”icon-check”] Bowing trusses [/list_item][list_item =”null” cs_list_icon=”icon-check”] The inability to open or close your windows [/list_item][list_item =”null” cs_list_icon=”icon-check”] Doors sticking open or closed [/list_item][list_item =”null” cs_list_icon=”icon-check”] Cracking walls [/list_item][list_item =”null” cs_list_icon=”icon-check”] Cracking masonry [/list_item][list_item =”null” cs_list_icon=”icon-check”] Leaking roof [/list_item] [/cs_list]


Preventing the Three Plagues

There are multiple ways to prevent the three plagues from ravishing your home this winter. The first way is to contact Eagle roofing. They can evaluate the current condition of your roof, whether it is ready for winter, and whether you have proper drainage to prevent damage. If there is any problem with the condition of your roof, they can easily handle it, including installing proper drainage.

Gutter repair and chimney repair is essential to ensuring that minor problems do not lead to extensive damage to the exterior, or interior, of your home.

Are you unsure about the condition of your roof and its drainage, maybe you are uncertain about your gutters, has it been a while since you had it inspected. Do not waste any time. Whether you are in the Huddersfield area, Halifax area, Mirfield area, Dewsbury area, Marsden area, or Holmfirth area, contact Eagle Roofing today at 0148 446 0401, or email


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