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What New Homeowners Should Know About the Roof

If you are considering buying a new home, this is what you should know about the roof

When you go out looking for a new home to purchase, the last thing you want to think about is the roof. As long as the roof is not leaking, you don’t care about anything else. Perhaps, you have been living in a rental house all along and you were used to calling roof repairers to do the job for you whenever there was something wrong. Being in charge for your own roof repairs and maintenance is the new reality for most homeowners. If you don’t thoroughly vet the roof of a house before buying it, it could hold nasty surprises for you once you start using the house.

Be very attentive to the inspection report

We all are aware that a home inspection report is one of the most vital parts of buying a house. Nevertheless, it can become pretty easy to be influenced by emotions and dismiss some items that are not very bad. If the report indicates any abnormality on the roof, feel free to take the sellers to task. Don’t imagine that because the 10-year-old roof has been affected by rot or algae will take another 5 years before it collapses and you will have saved enough money before then. I am not implying that you should demand a new roof for the house you are buying. I mean that you should make a decision that will not cost you or bring you problems later. Bear in mind that that age of your roof has a huge impact on your home insurance policy. I am advising you to tread carefully. In case you realize of any abnormality on the roof, look for roof repairs in Huddersfield to take care of the problem before it escalates.

Get a professional roofer to look at the roof

I am aware that home inspector with magically do the inspection job for you. However, we all have to accept that they are not roofers and they know little about roofs. Once the home inspectors are done with their work, give the chance to a professional roofer to have a look at the roof for approximately the first 6 months after habiting the house. Through this regular maintenance, you will be in a position to arrest problems which might have the capacity to turn into bigger problems later. It is also a golden chance to repair the problems before they become expensive. Have a look at some of the professional services we offer.

Understand your warranty

When you buy a house, you are guaranteed that your roof will be under warranty. Nevertheless, warranties can turn out to be very tricky. As a remedy to this, ensure that you fully understand what your warranty covers. Having an inside out knowledge of the warranty will ensure that you are on its advantage. Be sure to precisely understand what your warranty does not cover and what it covers

Understand your insurance policies

If you have a homeowner insurance policy, it is going to cover any of your roof damages. However, it is good to understand that it may not cover wear and tear.

I am not telling you this so that you can be scared! All I want is for you to fully enjoy your new home. I don’t want your excitement to go away after being in your house for a month. I want you to enjoy it until you move on to your new house.

Re Roof

Signs that It’s Time for Roof Replacement

Most of us know it’s time to replace our car when it starts to constantly break down. We know we have to replace our carpet when it turns gray or stained. We replace our clothing attires when new fashions arise or when our current ones no longer fit us. And you know that it is time to replace your phone when that new model hits the market. What about our roofs?

The time to replace a roof is not always apparent unless it catches fire, gets knocked down by a tree or collapse. However, there are other subtle signs which indicate that it is time to contact one of the roofing companies Huddersfield. Here are signs which are clear indicators that you need to replace your roof:

Most roofing companies offer a 20 years warranty. Therefore if your roof has been there for more than two decades, you know that it is time to replace it. There is a good chance that it might start leaking or even collapse. Take precaution by replacing it.

  1. When the appearance from the street looks pathetic

Your curb’s look is very important. It makes no sense to harm this look by keeping a very ugly roof. Go out on the street and look over your roof to identify the sports or parts that make it ugly, especially on the areas around vents and chimneys.

  1. When it starts to leak into your attic

We all know the effects of a leaky roof. It will lead to the deterioration of the interior décor and you know what that means. Stained paint all over your chimney roofs not only leak water but also light. Once you spot some rays of light penetrating through the roof, you know it is time to contact one of the roofing companies Huddersfield

  1. If you come to find out that your electric bills are rising for no reason

A good roof is built to control the temperatures within your house. If your house is getting warmer each and every day, and the fan are just turning for 24 hours, it is time to replace the roof. Spoilt roofs may also be the cause of cold temperatures in your house. Contact Eagle roofing for professional advice if any of these is happening to you.

  1. When its tiles look bad

It is very important to conduct an examination of the tiles on your roof. If they look pathetic, you don’t require an angel to fly down and tell you it’s time to repair your roof.

Roofing Tips

Eagle Roofing Want You to Plan for the Roof

Planning for the roof

What’s hard and hurtful – a slight scratch on the skin or a broken bone? Well, we all know the answer to that. I want you to think on the same line for your roof, what is easier to repair – slight damage on the outer membrane or a leaking roof. Interestingly, the journey of a leaking roof starts from something trivial that could have been avoided easily.

So in order stay in control of the roof, you need to be the man with the plan. Here, planning doesn’t mean hardcore research and late night sitting to find answers but just a proper and defined date on a calendar for roof maintenance by a professional roofer who can fix small damages as well as clean the roof.

Let me tell you what happens if you don’t plan for the roof;

Emergency Repairs

Since the roof has not received proper nurturing through the years, one day it will give up and collapse (it is the worst case scenario). You would need to call the roofers to fix an emergency situation, which might require you to empty the premises for a while on a really short notice.

Also, stay prepared for a legal notice as well for endangering the lives of your loved ones. In case of a commercial property, your employees can sue you for such negligence.

Money will flow like water

Continuing our last assumption of emergency repairs, the roofers find such situations as extreme and difficult to handle. It requires extra material, time, skilled labor and what not to fix an emergency roof situation.

Well, the final bill of the emergency repair will blow your mind. You will be charged for the urgent service and the amount of hard work from the labor by the roofers.

Property Value

Which one will be a better sell – a car with tons of scratches and dents or a car with a flawless body? Well, the same theory applies to your roof too. It is hard to hide the scars of roof repairs. In case, you have to sell the property, the potential buyer would like to know all the details of damage and consequent repair. There is a very fair chance he might doubt the credibility of the roof.

 Solution from Huddersfield Roofers

The solution from Huddersfield roofers is pretty simple. Have a plan for your roof. A simple and basic roof maintenance ritual will save you from a plenty of horrible situations. Roofers offer cleaning services for a minimal cost, I think it’s time to start finding the right roof maintenance package from the local Huddersfield roofers.

Roofing Tips

How to Choose a Roofing Contractor

When time comes to choose a contractor to re-roof or roof your house, it is vital to go for an experienced one who will offer your roof the quality touch it requires to keep your family and assets safe from external elements and at the same time maintaining a beauty that befits your standards. When you decide to go out looking for a contractor, approach multiple candidates who have built their reputation over time in your own local area.

Ensure that you Hire Competent and Skilled Contractors

When it comes to roofing, it implies protecting your loved ones and very valuable assets. The National Federation of Roofing Contractors Limited advises that you should go for a contractor with the necessary qualifications and business licenses in your locale. To verify if your contractor is legitimate, try asking for their tax identification number, email address, website or even their business contact number. We have all experienced several instances where roofs have caved in and killed people. You don’t want this to happen to you or your family.

Ask for Previous Clients You can Contact

Every client requires a satisfactory job. You don’t want to hire a contractor whose services are questionable. To ensure that your contractor can be trusted with your roof, go ahead and ask for a list of former clients they have served. Ask these clients whether they were satisfied with the contractors roofing. If they were satisfied, there is a great chance for you to be content. If you hear complaints about this contractor, it is better to leave them. Go for reputable roofers in Huddersfield like Eagle Roofing.

Obtain a Contract

Before the roofing begins, let your contractor give you a written proposal or contract which provides precise information about the project. Ask for information such as the schedule, amount of payments required, start and end times, the number of workers who will be working, security measures to be used and methods that will be used for clean up after the contract is over. In case of any disagreements, this contract will be easily used to solve them. That is why it is important to read them carefully and ask for clarification where you do not understand. Don’t get into a contract blindly.


Ask for a warranty and go through the information in the warranty fully ensuring that you understand fully what the terms and conditions mean. Ask for all exceptions or actions that can render the warranty void. Roofing can be expensive, so ensure that the contractor gives you a comprehensive and inclusive warranty that will cover your roof adequately. If the contractor does offer warranties, it is best that you go looking for another one. A warranty will ensure that the roofers do a good job that will not cost them latter.

Flat Roof

Why getting a rubber roof should be your priority

Rubber Roofing: What, Why and How?

The weather in England was predictable once upon a time. Now, you should be prepared for torrential downpours or mild temperatures on unexpected days. In terms of property owners, it is high time to get their house prepared for the evil games of climate in the Huddersfield. One of the ways to protect your house or commercial building is by opting for rubber roofing. It ensures that your roof stays safe and keeps the effects of weather at bay.

What is Rubber Roofing

Rubber roofing is basically a hard rubber covering that serves as outer protecting membrane for your roof. It helps in resisting the damages of rains, strong winds etc. Rubber roofing can be installed by professional roofers only. They use a certain type of rubber and fix it with strong adhesive. In the end, a waterproof tape is used on all seams. There are plenty of rubbers available in the market for this job but most commonly used is ethylene propylene diene monomer (EPDM).

How to install it

Rubber roofing is an effective medium because of its flexibility as it can fit any surface. You can consider this option for any domestic or commercial building, garage, school, warehouse etc. EPDM rubber roofing ensures that the roof is protected and add years to the roof life.

Advantages of Rubber Roofing

  • Rubber roofing is a better option than tar, gravel, asphalt or concrete as it provides a solid barrier between your house and the environment.
  • Unlike other roofing options, EPDM doesn’t break or crack. It is resistant to temperatures ranging from -50C to 150C.
  • Rubber roofing is a cheaper option as compared to other alternatives. A good quality EPDM can provide protection up to 50 years.
  • Rubber roofing also has an impact on the insulation of the house, meaning the cost of electricity and heating bills will be reduced dramatically throughout the year.
  • Rubber roofing (EPDM) does not pollute rainwater. So all the folks worried about the contaminated rainwater can trust EPDM. Also, the water is safe and pure enough to be used in any rainwater harvesting system.
  • Rubber roofing not only adds aesthetic value to your roof by presenting a smooth flat roof surface but it also has financial benefits while selling the house.

Contact Roofers in Huddersfield

In case, you also want to go for rubber roofing or just get a consultation from an expert roofer, feel free to contact any roofers in Huddersfield. Eagle Roofing is well-established roofers in the town with over 30 years of experience. You can get in touch with them to get a free quote and consultation about the rubber roofing.

Roofing Tips

Roofers in Huddersfield tell why rooftop gardens are worthwhile?

Rooftop gardens are an amazing spot in any house, if it has one. Many people want to have a rooftop garden in their house but it definitely means a lot of hard work and commitment to maintenance before anything else.

If you have taken the crucial decision of growing a rooftop garden in your house then your fist step should be to get your roof checked by a professional roofer. Roofers in Huddersfield suggest the Eagle Roofing for the consultancy about the status of your roof.

Once getting thumbs up from the roofers, you should go for rooftop garden as it has following benefits;

· A personal space for amazing experience

The first and foremost reason why anybody want to have a rooftop garden is because of its amazing ambiance. By building a rooftop garden, you are actually creating your personal favorite space in your house or even in the world.

· Expensive but worthwhile experience

Rooftop gardens are expensive and costly. It is not an easy task to grow a rooftop garden. The cost of making your roof waterproof alone would be too much. So you can imagine the depth of the dent that other expenditures for rooftop garden will leave on your pocket.

· Low-cost and low maintenance with artificial grass

In case you are absolutely convinced by the idea of having a rooftop garden but your budget isn’t allowing it then low cost and low maintenance rooftop gardens can be build with artificial grass. Although it won’t have the same environmental benefits of an actual garden but the price difference is too much to ignore.

· Save water by utilizing it in the toilets and garden

You can have a water saving mechanism by utilizing the water you use on the rooftop garden in your toilets and garden in the house. It is obvious that you have to water the plants or grass on your rooftop.

· Warm winters

There will be a significant difference in your energy bill during winters as the rooftop garden will serve as a natural insulator and stop the outside environment to influence the temperature of your house.  So rooftop garden will not only be your guilty pleasure but it will save some money too.

· Rooftop gardens other than grass

If the idea of grass, plants, and greenery is giving you nightmare and anxiety due to the maintenance commitments then you can go for an alternative and simple option. Simply go with basic plants like succulents, viviums, aloe and ice plants to create an uncomplicated rooftop garden.

Roofers in Huddersfield know the excitement of a person who grows a rooftop garden for the first time. But the story doesn’t end at just growing the garden; you should hire a Roofer in Huddersfield for regular checkups of the roof and a gardener for the rooftop garden.


Gutter Leak Repair: 4 common gutter leak problems and their solutions

Gutters are part of every household.  Although they are a great support in draining the water, gutters come with their fair share of problems. Fortunately, those problems are not too intense mostly and can be solved by a non-skilled person. Even in case if the person doesn’t want to gutter leak repair himself then there are many gutter repairs Huddersfield roofers who can perform the task at an affordable cost.

Following are the common gutter leak problems and their solutions;

Gutter Leaks

Gutter leaks are very common. It usually occurs in old gutter pipes. If your gutter is leaking then it might be because of the problem at pipe’s joints. The water might leak from the joints of pipes creating a mess in your house. It should be fixed as soon as possible because leaking water is dangerous for the foundation of your house.

The solution is to fix the joints and cement the holes that might be causing the trouble. If the task seems too much, you can always call a professional roofer to fix the pipes.

Clogged Gutters

Gutters are very easily clogged due to the debris or fallen leaves in the pipe. The debris accumulated over time becomes too much and clogs the pipe, halting the flow of water. The stagnant water in the pipe is not a great sign as it will create other problems.

The solution is to regularly clean the gutters in order to avoid debris from accumulating in the pipe. However, if the gutters are clogged then try to remove the debris yourself. Just make sure you have taken all the safety precautions to reach the gutter.

Sagged Gutters

Sagged gutters help in creating many long term problems. The gutters usually sag because of the age of the pipe or maybe the stagnant water. If the stagnant water remains for too long in the gutter, it might alter the shape of the gutter at some points, making it sagged. The sagged gutter is even better for stagnant water as the water finds a permanent place in those sagged corners.

Overflowing Gutters

There can be a number of reasons for overflowing gutters. In case of heavy rain and clogged gutter, the water will definitely overflow from the pipe creating even more clutter in your house. In addition, the water is not good for the walls and roofs of your house, so you should ensure that there are no overflowing gutters in your house ever by keeping tabs on regular maintenance.

If there is an overflowing gutter, immediately find out the reason and resolve it without wasting any time.

Gutter leak repair should be conducted immediately in order to avoid exploitation of your walls and the roof. Gutter repairs Hudddersfield isn’t that difficult task but if you are not sure then it is always ideal to seek professional assistance.

Roofing Tips

Roofing Companies Huddersfield highlight the issues with Lack of Maintenance of roofs

If you have been a homeowner for a while then you must have experienced at least a couple of roof related issues. One thing that can be said about any roofing problem is that there are always consequences in the long run. No matter how much you spend on repairing the roof, any problem with the roof ends up shortening the roof life.

The only way to ensure the roofs have a long life is to make sure they never encounter any problem. Well, that sound likes quite an impossible thing but roofing companies Huddersfield believe it is achievable with the regular maintenance.

Also, roofing companies Huddersfield explain the need to properly maintain a roof;

Cleanliness is important

The roof is an exposed entity. There is no outer layer protecting it. It is the outer layer. You might fool yourself into thinking that the paint can protect it from everything. Well, that’s not true. Paint helps to an extent but still the roof is mostly exposed.

Regular maintenance ensures the overall cleanliness of the roof. It is not like you can save from the dirt completely but habitual checkup makes sure the debris don’t compile for years.

No information Cracks, missing tiles, holes

If you don’t check the roof, you will never get any information about the cracks, missing tiles, holes etc that might have been building for some time. The usual maintenance helps in the discovery of these little damages and you can take measure to fix such small problems within time before they can turn into a big trouble.

The knowledge about water ponding and possible seepage

If you check the roof every once in a while, you can become aware of the possible water ponding issue on the roof. Especially, such checkups are important before the raining season. Otherwise, you will end up suffering a lot during the rains.

Roofing companies Huddersfield bluntly tells viewing the roof with the help of binoculars is not maintenance

The most important thing to know is that roof maintenance is not a job of a layman. You can’t do it yourself. There are many professionals who can assist you in this regard. Most roofing companies Huddersfield provide roof maintenance services at attractive rates.

Roofing Tips

How to avoid roof leaks with Huddersfield roofers

A Roof leak is one of the major problems that you might suffer in a rainy season or due to any other reason. Fixing a roof is one of the hardest things to do. Many people disrespect the small leak from a roof but they don’t even know that a single small leak can result in a huge damage. But now you can easily resolve all such problems with the assistance from Huddersfield roofers. A single small leak not only damages your house from the outside but also causes harm to the interior part.

Water is your worst enemy

Water is your worst enemy causing damage to your roof and ultimately to your house. Because of its soaking ability, it can easily enter your roof deeply. When the water, that is leaking, comes in contact with electricity, it can cause a disaster.

What are the precautions for a roof leak

Following are the precautions that should be taken to avoid a roof leak:

– Mark the spots that might leak

The first precaution you should take is to mark all the spots where a roof might have the risk to leak and usually these areas are a chimney, missing shingles, furnace shingles, and pipes. After marking all the spots try to fix them properly.

– Nail the shingles properly

Not properly nailed shingles can also result in the leakage. So after marking the spots, the next step would be nailing the shingles properly which can reduce the risk of leaking dramatically.

– Cracks and holes should be filled up

Cracks and holes would also lead to a roof leak so the best method to prevent this problem is to fill up all the cracks and holes with good quality cement that could stay for a long period and is able to resist the flow of water deeper into the roof.

– Ceiling indication

A dark yellowish brown color appears on the roof after a heavy rainfall that is just the indication that your roof is harmed and can leak anytime.

Huddersfield roofers tell the ultimate result

Damaged roofs require an extra time to be fixed. So the best way to get the ultimate solution is to just contact the Huddersfield roofers. The Huddersfield roofers are the professionals who know well enough to solve all the leakage problems.

You should have an annual checkup of your roofs from the professionals. People who don’t prefer it gets into big trouble because a yearly checkup reduces the risk of roof leaks.

Roofing Tips

Water Ponding on roofs and Huddersfield roofers take on the issue

Water ponding issue has been discussed time and again by so many professionals. Yet, it remains essential to this day for the roofers. There has been no permanent solution for the water ponding.

Also, water ponding mostly occurs because of the structural flaw. So there is not anything you can do about it but just forcefully wipe the water from the roof surface. Only professional Huddersfield roofers can help you out to fix the water ponding on roofs.

So let us give you more reasons to never delay the repairing of water ponding issue;

Weakening Roof’s Foundation

The water will not stay on the roof for long. It will start seeping in the inner membranes of the roof. Now it depends on the roof you have chosen for the house. if it is not of good quality, the water will find its way into the house very easily. However, a good quality roof might be able to resist the water for a bit longer.

Attracting Germs, Bacteria, Fungi

The stagnant water on the roof will attract germs, bacteria, and fungi. It is will become home to the dirt. The mess will attract various insects and animals on the spot. Not that, there are many human beings living on top of the roof but imagine the flies it will nourish and attract. Also, all those flies will bother you by buzzing into the house.

Maybe Odor Problem

The roofs are exposed to sun and environment so it is very rare to happen but depending on the cleanliness of your roof and few other factors, the odor problem can happen. Anything smelling in or top of your house is not appreciated at all.

May Lead to Water Leakage in the House

The water ponding is bound to transfer into the water leakage in your house. You shouldn’t be surprised when it happens because you have been procrastinating the repair of water ponding. It must not come as a shock to you when Huddersfield roofers reveal that the water leakage is even worst and can lead up to more permanent damages.

Re Roof

Re Roof or Maintenance: 4 Easy Tips to Elongate the Life of a Roof

Roof maintenance is crucial if you want the roof to complete its expected years. Usually, lack of maintenance ends up being the ultimate reason for the demise of most house roofs but it can be avoided easily if you are up for the job.

There is a common misconception that roofs are hard to maintain. The idea to climb up on a roof is repellent enough for most of the house owners.

However, as we said earlier, roof maintenance is a very easy task and you can easily do it on your own.
If you have decided to take the responsibility, let us tell you the four simple yet significant checklist items for the roof maintenance;

  • Inspecting the roof from ground level

It is important to check your roof, at least, two times a year from ground level. Of course, you can’t get an idea of how your roof is doing without actually looking at it.

One of the ways to do it is by going to the neighbor’s house (top floor) and using binoculars for inspecting the roof closely. If it is a high sloped roof, you need to have good relationships with both the neighbors – left and right.

However, if you have a flat roof then you do not need to take help from outsiders as you can easily climb it up and get a closer look.

However, if you have a flat roof then you do not need to take help from outsiders as you can easily climb it up and get a closer look.

The purpose of looking closely at the surface of the roof is to ensure that there are no cracks or water ponding issues.

  • Cleaning the roofs

Have you notice the dust on the furniture if you don’t attend to it for a couple of days. Imagine the situation of the roof as it is not cleaned in ages.

So you should make a regular visit on the roofs to clean all sorts of debris, sticks, leaves etc. Not only this mess makes your roof look bad but has adverse effects like encouraging the growth of algae and fungus, which in turn can damage shingles.

  • Fix the Cracks

It is important that you fix all the cracks and caulking on the roof before they can do further damage. The chimney area is usually prone to such unnecessary cracks so you should pay more attention to those areas in your inspection.

Now it is up to you to fix the roof cracks yourself or call for professional services.

  • Replace Missing or Broken Tiles

It is very natural on the roofs to lose a tile due to high pressured winds or storms. You should always have extra or spare tiles in store to fix any missing or broken area on the roof.

Here again, the decision depends on you to do it on your own or ask a professional roofing company around you like Roofers in Huddersfield or Halifax roofing companies.

If you just follow these tricks, we are sure your roof will live up to the maximum years.

Re Roof

Storms and Roofs: Why Best Option to Avoid Re-Roof Being Proactive?

As the global warming is encapsulating our planet in a dangerous speed, storms, floods, heavy rains, and heavy snowfalls are occurring more and more. Each year, we are bombarded with horrendous images all around the world due to these extreme weather conditions. Some even are so severe that people have to move out of their houses into safe places.

However, if the moving out part is not involved, the intense climate can still do a number on you. In order to avoid the consequences, you have to take a proactive approach towards your precautionary preparations.

In such situations, our priority is usually our family (teaching them how to react if the weather gets out of control), pets, cars, plants, and our home. Today, we will discuss just the one aspect of your house i.e. how to avoid re-roof during storms having a proactive approach.

The roof is one of the first things that interact with heavy rain, thick snow or wild winds so you must prepare it for the worst.

Here are the following ways you can take care of the roofs before the crazy climate hits your city;

New Construction

There can be a possibility that you don’t have a roof yet on top of your house. Maybe you have started the construction and left it in between, so now it is just four walls without the head, aka, roof.

Of course, you need to construct a new roof asap otherwise, the probability of re-roof due to leaks is too much.

Roof Replacement

The roofs are required to be re-roof once they have lived their life or suffered a non-repairable damage. However, the thing with roof replacement is that people can’t decide when to do it.

A qualified roofing company like Roofers in Huddersfield or Halifax roofing company will take this decision for you after inspecting the current situation.

Repairs and Service

If there is any issue with your roof like it is leaking or sucking all the heat from the house, the roof needs repair and service, a small segment of re-roofing. Here again, you don’t take the decision but your roofer will take it for you. So choosing the right roofing company is crucial.

Maintenance Check

If you are one of those luckiest people who seem to have no problem with the roof, we congratulate you. Although, we will still stress to hire a roofing company like Roofers in Huddersfield or Halifax roofing company as a consultant and get your roof checked properly by a professional. You never know what health issues the roof can be hiding.


In case, you forgot the maintenance and you’re going through an intense season and your roof starts leaking, how will you handle that? Well, good for you, the roofing company like Roofers in Huddersfield or Halifax roofing company provides emergency solutions. Although it is really hard for roofers to repair but they will manage and charge you accordingly.