Chimney Repairs

Frequent Chimney Problems Before Going for Chimney Repairs

Taking care of your house should always be your priority, especially during the cold winter season. One thing that you must frequently do is make a quick check up on the roof and the chimney of your house. If your fireplace is not functioning properly, you might be facing a serious risk in the near future. Therefore, frequent chimney repairs must be done in order to prevent damage to your house and to the people who live in it. If you believe that there is something peculiar going on inside of your chimney, start looking for well trained roofers in Halifax that can fix the problem as soon as possible.

Different kinds of fireplaces mean different kinds of chimney issues

There are various kinds of fireplaces. A fireplace can run on gas, wood pellet, electricity or it can even be one of those traditional wood-burning ones which are more common for older houses. It does not matter if you have an electric or a wood pellet chimney – your chimney will always need appropriate maintenance. Doing an inspection on your fireplace and chimney should be done at least once per year, but we recommend that you check it at least twice in a year. So, knowing what kinds of issues could occur can be very helpful when you are inspecting your chimney and fireplace.

Clean the chimney regularly

Any kind of chimney should be inspected and thoroughly cleaned annually. If you clean it every year, you will see that it will start working better and you will be able to know if there is a crack or a block in its flue that might cause a leak of toxic gases, such as carbon monoxide. Even if we are talking about a tiny crack, you should not ignore it, because when that crack heats up, it can cause some serious damage and leak carbon monoxide in your house.

Common chimney problems

If you have a wood burning fireplace, you should know that if the chimney is cracked, it can cause creosote that can build up quickly. Creosote is highly combustible. So, that means that small unburned particles which are highly flammable can be accumulated inside of your chimney.
Another thing that you should check is if your fireplace’s damper is having a stretched seal, because in some cases, mortar can fall in the fireplace directly from the chimney. If the fireplace does not seal as it used to, you might be losing heat in your house and therefore you will be wasting a lot of energy for nothing.
Chimney repairs are usually needed if there is water damage or a leak inside of the chimney. The mortar and the masonry can easily absorb the moisture caused because of a leak inside of it. This can be easily fixed by a person skilled in this job, so finding roofers in Halifax who have good skills in this job should be your top priority now.

Chimney Repairs

Damp patches on your wall

If you are noticing damp patches on your wall in can be caused by water leaking through the roof and penetrating the cavity wall. This can lead to damage to plaster/wallpaper and in the long term can even cause damage to your health.

We were called to a job by a customer who was noticing damp on both the front room and bedroom wall. These patches were on the gable end of the house and parallel to each other. After inspecting the roof we noticed that the mortar on the coping stones had disintegrated and that the lap on the lead work was insufficient.

This was causing rain water to pour down the cavity wall creating damp patches in the customers house. We removed the coping stones, cleaned them off and then rebidded them and pointed them back up. We also replaced lead work around the chimney to ensure that the roof was fully water tight.

This is not the only way damp can appear on your wall but it is certainly something to look out for. If you have any problems with damp or and other roofing issue then get in touch with Huddersfield Roofers for your free no obligation quote.

Chimney Repairs

Removing/Replacing a Chimney Pot

There are various reasons why you would want to replace or remove an existing chimney pot. These reasons can be as follows:

1) To prevent rain water entering the flue and possibly causing damp – A lot of chimney pots have open tops so there is direct access for rain water. Over a period of time this can cause damp to the chimney stack and surrounding areas. There is also the possibility of birds falling down the chimney stack. They perch themselves on the edge of the chimney pot and can the fumes can knock them unconcious so they fall down the flu.

2) To prevent damage to the chimney stack – Traditional chimney pots are generally quite tall and very heavy. If the mortar around the pots comes loose they can start to sway causing damage to the stack. If one of these pots falls off it can cause tremendous damage to the chimney stack/roof/parked cars or even a passerby.

3) The chimney is no longer in use – If the chimney is no longer in use then there is no need for such a big chimney pot to be present.

If you want your chimney pots taking down for one of the above reasons I suggest you replace them with a 6 inch gas cowl. These are very light, easy to fit and allow for ventilation in unused chimney flu’s. They also provide enough upward movement in the air to remove harmful gas and smoke from your home.

gas cowls

If you are considering having some cowls fitted then give Eagle Roofing a call, we are Huddersfield roofers that take great pride in our work and strive to give our customers the best service possible.