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The Many Benefits of Green Flat Roofs

Green flat roofs are the need of this hour as we are tumbling down the lane of environmental crisis at an alarming speed. Green flat roofs can help us play our part in saving what’s left of this environment.

In addition to adding great aesthetic value to your house, green flat roofs can be your small gesture of giving back to the environment.

In case, you are still indecisive about the green roofing option for your house, we have plenty of reasons to convince you. Following are the few of the many benefits of green flat roofs;

Climate Change

  • Green roofs prove to be of great help in fighting off the implications of climate change. It can reduce the velocity and volumes of storm water. You might not be aware of it but Germany, Switzerland and Denmark have promoted the use of green roofs and included them as a major factor in their flood mitigation policies.
  • Green roofs have great insulation characteristics but they do more than saving energy in the house. Green flat roofs have the tendency to keep your house cool in summer and save some serious money on electricity bills.
  • Many installations of green flat roofs can create a micro-climate that can reduce the summer temperature of the entire city.

Repercussions of Urbanization

  • Green flat roofs serve as a barrier between the house and the UV rays emitting from the sun thus increasing the roof life.
  • They help in cleaning environment by absorbing nitrous oxide, which is directly linked with urban vehicles.
  • The plants on green flat roofs purify the air and may reduce the breathing diseases like asthma.
  • Green flat roofs are ideal for urban centers as they maintain the humidity and CO2 levels in the atmosphere.
  • They also enhance the biodiversity by serving as a habitat for many animals.

Noise pollution

It is a common fact that hard surfaces reflect sound thus adding to the noise pollution in the urban areas. However, green flat roofs are known to absorb the noise from the environment, which means it consumes noise pollution from the surrounding and helps in creating a serene environment.

How to get Green Flat Roofs

There are many roofers that offer green roofing but you have to be careful. Since green roofs have a lot to do with plantation and flawless waterproofing, you need the right roofers for the job.

Some roofers involve proper services of gardening experts while laying out the plants on the roof while others tackle the whole project themselves. The former is not better than the latter; it is just different approaches to handle the green roofing job.

Your decision should be made on the expertise and number of years a roofer has spent in the industry and your city.


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