Re Roof

When is the Best Time to Install a New Roof or Re-Roof?

There can be two conditions for you to install a new roof – first is because of emergency and second is as a precautionary measure. In the case of emergency, you are left with not many options, you have to get to the re-roof options as soon as possible. However, if you want to change the roof just because it is old then there are plenty of options available.

Out of all the choices, you must cherish the liberty to choose your own schedule. For re-roof, the best season is the off-season when roofers have no work and they are desperate for clients.

Why are we stressing on the right time for re-roof?

The freedom to get a new roof according to your schedule can dictate a lot of other factors like pricing and quality of work. Let us explain to you in detail the advantages you can get by installing a roof on the right time;

Pricing Plan

As with any other service, roofers decrease their prices in the off season due to a shortage of work. The case is completely opposite in their hot season, where an average roofer practices at least 5-10% increase in their fee.
During the slow season, the roofers can give you shocking discounts on a single job, even.

No stress

Let us present the scenario where you chose to re-roof in the middle of a busy season. You will call the roofers again and again to get an appointment for your house and they will simply postpone it. Once you get an appointment, they will reschedule the job, at least, a couple of time before coming to work.
So the whole process of going back and forth with the roofers may cost you a lot of stressful time.

Best work quality

The roofers have to be at many places at a time to complete all the projects they have taken, which means their employees are constantly working or maybe overworking. So now tell us whether workers who are drained of their energies can perform a better task or the fresh and active labor?
You have got your answer and are more convinced to choose the off-season.

No wait

Often times, people have to wait two or three weeks to get a date from roofers. Now can you afford this much time or stress? If yes, then you know the options. As for no, you know when you can get the complete attention of the roofers.

The best time to install a roof is: We have said off-season a lot but didn’t disclose which season is not busy for the roofers. Here we go,

Is Summer good to re-roof?

The roofers are not as busy in the summers because most families are off to vacations or busy somewhere else. It might be a possibility that you won’t be able to make time during summer but if you can, you should re-roof in this season.

Is Winter good to re-roof?

Winters are not appropriate for re-roof in many regions. In case, your city is one of the luckiest ones to stand to re-roof in winters then go for it as roofers are literally free in winters.


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