Roofing Tips

Do Not Replace Your Roof If It Can Be Fixed With A Roof Repair

Let us face the fact that a leaking roof specifically in the middle of winter season is a scary proposition. No doubt a brand new roof will facilitate you with greater sense of security as compared to getting it repaired. It is due to this fact, most of the professional contractors push the home owners to get a new roof rather than repairing the one. But a quick review of certain items will give you more confidence to get the roof repaired. In this regards, Huddersfield roofers first of all evaluate if the roof is actually leaked or not. Once it is clear that roof is leaked then it needs to be determined if the roof is leaked at single or multiple locations. If the leak is there for the first time then the roof needs not to be repaired at all. This is one of the cases where roof replacement is not required. There are other scenarios as well where one should turn to a professional roofer to get suggestion about either to get the roof replaced or repaired.

Pay attention to the critical evaluations by the professional roofers:

People assume several things when it is about some issue related to their roofs. But in fact professionals should be hired to decide what actually is wrong with the roof and what should be done with it. No more are the days when repairing a damaged roof was considered to be a Herculean task. It is indeed a serious job to hire a roof contractor because each of them have his own style and skill of repairing the roof setting him apart from the rest of the other service providers. We being professional Huddersfield roofers are well aware of the fact that what our customers expect of us and hence we act accordingly. We have a huge experience in roof repairing in a very cost effective manner. Have a look at our professional services.

Hire Eagle Roofing for competitive services:

The Eagle Roofing are a team of dedicated professionals who are known to be one of the leading Huddersfield roofers. They are adding delighted customers to our list since we incepted offering services since 1989. They are a family operated business with huge experience with deep and huge experience in roofing as well as gutter issues. The team of employees have been well equipped with technical skills along with their excellent communication skills.

Expertise of the service provider include yet not limited to the EDPM certification. The service providers are proficient in all types of roof replacement and this includes flat roofs. But it does not mean they do not know how to repair the roof. They have years of experience in examining if the roof needs to be repaired or replaced.

Why to hire Eagle Roofing?

Eagle Roofing is a company where procedures are kept as transparent as possible. We involve our valued customers in every step of the job. We operate in different areas and offer array pf services that range from re- roofs, flat roofs, lead work, Velux windows and chimney repairs etc. we will show you before and after photos so that you may see what we have done with guarantee of 10 years. You may look at our testimonial page to see what our customers have to say about it.

Roofing Tips

The Roof as it Relates to Buying or Selling a Home

When homebuyers go out evaluating a home that they wish to buy, one of the most important things they look for is the condition of the roof as well as its maintenance. Replacing your roof will significantly increase the value of your property. It also puts potential buyers at ease since they are assured that they will not have to experience any problems with the roof which can lead to serious damages in future.

As a seller, it is very vital to consider replacing your roof. However, this depends on its current condition. If there are no significant damages on the roof, you can consider repairing it but in some cases, you have to replace it. Before you advertise your house, consider calling a professional roofer to inspect the entire roof and give you relevant advice on the steps you should consider taking. Professional roofers have the capacity to give you a comprehensive report on the current state of your roof and the decisions you should take. We are one of the most renowned companies for roof repairs in Huddersfield. Our team of experts will help you access the condition of your roof and then make an informed decision on whether you should repair or replace it.

You may find out that some buyers might consider replacing the roof by themselves. However, this does not mean that you should not contact a professional roof inspector. Some of these clients may be concerned with the current state of the roof, therefore, you will be armed with relevant information to give them.

If you find out that it is advisable to replace the roof before selling your home, here are some questions you should ask yourself about the roof and the house generally.

Are you the current owner of the home?

If you have already paid for the mortgage, you may not be interested in making a lot of profits. On the other hand, if you are still indebted, you might not want to invest more money on the roof so that you can get more profits to pay off the mortgage.

Can you comfortably afford the cost of replacing the roof?

It is a very good idea to replace the roof of your house so that the value can go up. However, if you can’t afford the price of replacing the roof, you might be forced to take a  loan.  Bear in mind that if the house sits on the market for too long after you have taken a loan it might increase due to interest rates.

How is the competition in your area?

If there is rife competition and you expect to receive multiple offers for the house, you should consider replacing the whole roof to facilitate the bidding war.

Is your home insurance ready to cover some of the costs of replacing your roof?

If you have covered your roof against storms and other risks, your insurance plan might offer to cover a part of the replacement. This can turn out to be a very important avenue to help you cut the costs of replacing the roof. Ask for professional advice from a professional roofing contractor on how you should claim from the insurance company.

Will the failure to replace to replace your roof affect negatively the sale of your home?

A roof protects all the other parts of the house. Most buyers will not be ready to take a mortgage for the home if the roof is defective because it can cause problems later which might turn into disasters.

Roofing Tips

What New Homeowners Should Know About the Roof

If you are considering buying a new home, this is what you should know about the roof

When you go out looking for a new home to purchase, the last thing you want to think about is the roof. As long as the roof is not leaking, you don’t care about anything else. Perhaps, you have been living in a rental house all along and you were used to calling roof repairers to do the job for you whenever there was something wrong. Being in charge for your own roof repairs and maintenance is the new reality for most homeowners. If you don’t thoroughly vet the roof of a house before buying it, it could hold nasty surprises for you once you start using the house.

Be very attentive to the inspection report

We all are aware that a home inspection report is one of the most vital parts of buying a house. Nevertheless, it can become pretty easy to be influenced by emotions and dismiss some items that are not very bad. If the report indicates any abnormality on the roof, feel free to take the sellers to task. Don’t imagine that because the 10-year-old roof has been affected by rot or algae will take another 5 years before it collapses and you will have saved enough money before then. I am not implying that you should demand a new roof for the house you are buying. I mean that you should make a decision that will not cost you or bring you problems later. Bear in mind that that age of your roof has a huge impact on your home insurance policy. I am advising you to tread carefully. In case you realize of any abnormality on the roof, look for roof repairs in Huddersfield to take care of the problem before it escalates.

Get a professional roofer to look at the roof

I am aware that home inspector with magically do the inspection job for you. However, we all have to accept that they are not roofers and they know little about roofs. Once the home inspectors are done with their work, give the chance to a professional roofer to have a look at the roof for approximately the first 6 months after habiting the house. Through this regular maintenance, you will be in a position to arrest problems which might have the capacity to turn into bigger problems later. It is also a golden chance to repair the problems before they become expensive. Have a look at some of the professional services we offer.

Understand your warranty

When you buy a house, you are guaranteed that your roof will be under warranty. Nevertheless, warranties can turn out to be very tricky. As a remedy to this, ensure that you fully understand what your warranty covers. Having an inside out knowledge of the warranty will ensure that you are on its advantage. Be sure to precisely understand what your warranty does not cover and what it covers

Understand your insurance policies

If you have a homeowner insurance policy, it is going to cover any of your roof damages. However, it is good to understand that it may not cover wear and tear.

I am not telling you this so that you can be scared! All I want is for you to fully enjoy your new home. I don’t want your excitement to go away after being in your house for a month. I want you to enjoy it until you move on to your new house.

Velux Window

Velux Windows – a necessity for your house

Velux windows are similar to skylights in so many ways. Velux Windows are part of the roof and they are very different from skylight architecturally. Velux windows allow the liberty of sunlight and fresh air into the house, unlike skylight. They are also a lot bigger than skylight giving access to more sunlight and natural view. Usually such types of roof windows are already part of the construction. However, if your house doesn’t have a Velux window, you can easily get it as long as your roof allows it.

Usually, roofers prefer prefabricated window inserts for Velux windows that can be installed by the roofers in Huddersfield in a few hours. So if you have taken a decision to bring in more sunlight in your house by installing a Velux window, it is a great decision and you should execute it as soon as possible.

In case, you are still wondering if Velux window is a good idea or not then let us tell you that a roof window is definitely a necessity for your house.

Time spent indoors

Can you tell how much time an individual spends indoors? It should come as no surprise that people stay inside for 90% of their living time on this planet Earth. You go to the office in the morning and comes back home. Even the eating out, meeting with friends and family is an activity conducted inside the house or any form of building.

Also, with the rise in real estate and certain business hubs being the center of attention for most working class, our living spaces are shrinking. There is no proper form of ventilation system in houses or apartments anymore – which may make the living space damp that might trigger the growth of mould and with mould comes associated diseases like asthma.

A Velux window is the best way to welcome natural fresh air and sunlight in houses.

Sleeping and natural light

We are so used to the artificial lights all around us all the time that we don’t even consider the benefits of daylight. Back in the day when there was no artificial light, human beings used to function according to the daylight. They used to wake up with the sunrise and go to bed with sunset.

Now since our routine no longer depends on sunlight, we don’t want to consume it at all. It has been observed that morning light enhances alertness and exposure to natural light during the day translate into a sound sleep at night. A Velux window is an ideal way to keep the daylight a part of your everyday routine.

There are many roofers in Huddersfield that can help you in installing Velux window on your roof at an affordable cost.

Roofing Tips

Roofers in Huddersfield Shed Some Light on Important Roofing Issues

If we take one thing for granted in our house – the exterior – it is the roof for sure. Since it is so inaccessible, we usually don’t bother to check it often enough, while buying the house or living it in.

With roofs, there are many problems and the most common trouble, which many people suffers from a lot, is the roof leakage that may occur due to various reasons. The solutions of these problems are so easy. All you have to do is to make a single call to the roofers in Huddersfield.

What are the frequent roofing complications?

People suffer a lot due to roofing problems and if not treated, it can ultimately cause a huge disaster.  Here are some of the common problems related to roofs;

1. Holes in the roof

Holes in the roof are a real thing. Hole formation could be the result of any animal or removal of T.V antenna or decomposition of the material used in making roofs or caused due to raining. It could be the result of any aforementioned reasons.

2. Blockage troubles

Another reason that can lead to roofing problem is the blockage trouble. The leaves are one of the main sources of blockage that stuck in gutters and stops the flow of water. Leaves can also result in many chimney problems.

3. Slopes

Slopes are necessary for a roof. Although many people prefer a flat roof over the sloped roof but flat roofs is not ideal at all. Sloped roofs are the best solution to clear out all the ponding water.

 4. Quality Material

The age of a roof depends upon the quality material used in making roofs. The cheap material can be dangerous for the roof. The best quality material survives for years as compared to the normal one. Materials may become less effective with the age and fail to resist the climate and environment.

Roofers in Huddersfield – the solution

The answer to all the problems mentioned above is very simple and tactical – professional roofers in Huddersfield. You can easily get rid of such problems by just calling the professionals. They will come up with custom solutions for your unique roofing problem.

Re Roof

Roofers in Huddersfield Open up About Poor Installation of Roofs

Roofs go through problems that are caused by nature, age, or lack of maintenance. However, sometimes you have to pay for the sins of others. The people you have hired to fix the roof are not able or skilled enough to do their job properly. This negligence is the worst because it increases your budget and time estimation for a task. Also, you hate it more than anything else since it was not your fault to begin with.

Just imagine, you have hired a roofer to install a new roof. The company messes up the process and you begin to face the consequences. Now you have to find a new experienced and professional roofer to fix the chaos created by another roofer. The costing and time of the new roofer will be from scratch. Also, installing a new roof is different and fixing a poorly installed roof is a complex and complicated task.

Lack of research

The reason you have got it wrong is because of lack of research. You hired the wrong roofers in Huddersfield because you did not research properly. It is important to check the company properly before giving them the contract.

Tempting yet unbelievable offers

Another plausible reason you hired the fraud roofer is because of the tempting offer you received. You must have heard the term, “too good to be true”. Of course, roofers in Huddersfield offer generous discounts but there is a limit to that. Anything that seems too farfetched will land you in trouble for sure.

Inexperienced roofers

Maybe the research and pricing showed no doubt when you picked a roofer but what you failed to notice is the company’s experience. No matter how great the roofers may seem but there is no replacement for experience. Especially, if you are aware that you have a complex structure, make sure you choose only professional roofers in Huddersfield.

The only plausible solution is to hire a roofer who has experience, reputation and offers affordable rates for proper installation of a new roof.

Roofing Tips

Roofers in Huddersfield explain why centrally managed roofing company is crucial for industrial users

Industrial users and domestic customers have absolutely different needs when it comes to roofing. Roofers in Huddersfield explain why it is important to have a centrally managed roofing company for industrial users. It is also interesting to note that although commercial and industrial users have some sort of similarity in roofing system but still industrial buildings are way more complicated and intricate.

Roofers in Huddersfield have following arguments to support their idea of centrally managed roofing company for industrial users;

Multiple Locations, Same Roofer

One of the biggest advantages of a centrally managed roofer, according to the Roofers Huddersfield, is that there is a possibility of multiple locations. Now finding a new roofer at a new location and going through all the documentation seem like a total waste of time.

Centrally managed roofers need to be selected once and it will take care of all the projects you have in different locations. It is a great benefit as the roofer has already experience of working with a client once so working again becomes a lot easier due to the clear knowledge of expectations.

Ultimately, the point is why fuss and waste time in finding new roofing company in a new city when you can simply go for one centrally managed roofer for all the locations.

Guaranteed Consistency

A company with physical existence in a different location has one thing in common – their architecture always look familiar. Well, this is, of course, intentional. The consistency in the structure is synonymous with the consistency in the quality of product and services.

In addition to this philosophical reason, the consistency in quality roofing has more to do with the logistics than anything else. Roofs are more vulnerable to damages in an industrial setup due to a number of reasons. That’s why a roofer has to go through a strict set of procedures before it gets the job. So if you have a fine working roof in one location they why don’t replicate the same one at another location. Well, this can be done only if you select the centrally managed roofers.

Material and Method

Another reason to insist on centrally managed roofing company is that it uses same material and method in all its construction. So you can be assured the quality of the product as well as the labor. The centrally managed roofers have uniform procedures, which means the material and the training of the staff is pretty much same throughout the roofing company.

Re Roof

Winter Panic Prevention Checklist: Roof leaks, Gen set and equipment?

Winters are not good news for so many people out there who live in an area that receives excessive cold and snow. Such extreme weather calls for the preventive measures before the temperature hits the expected low or even down.

Needless to mention, this post is for people who live in the coldest areas where winters mean double or triple layering of clothes, heaters, furnaces, boilers, snow scraping, power outages and more.

We have created a list of items that you may need if the worst happen in the winters (which usually does).

Check Roof Leaks or consult a roofer

The funny thing about the roof leaks is that they won’t leak unless there is some liquid above it. Well, in winters, your roofs will be covered with snow so it might leak at some point.

You need to check your roof for any probable leaks. If you don’t know how to check a roof for leaks, we will recommend you to ask a professional roofers in Halifax or a roofing company to get it done for you. Also, the roofer will examine the overall condition of the roof, which is a good thing before the winter hits you hard.

Standby Generator with Proper Fuel Supply

This idea may seem like a tad bit too much but believe us the global warming has made the unpredictable weather quite predictable every year. The power outage is a common occurrence in such extreme conditions so you must have a standby generator.

A generator is important as your boiler and furnace work with electricity only. Also, just arranging for a generator is not enough, you should ensure that it has proper fuel and it works at the time of need.
We would recommend you should rent one, a week or two before the extreme winters are scheduled to enter your city or area.

Torches with proper batteries

We know we totally sound like a downer and so sure that a power outage is bound to happen. However, trust us, when we say it is good to be over prepared than leave anything on luck and good fortune.

So you must have a stock of torches with proper batteries as it does not make sense to drain your phones’ battery by using it as a torch, especially when you know you won’t be able to charge it anytime soon.

An alternative can be to accumulate lots of scented candles. They can serve many purposes like a decorative piece, room freshener and of course a source of light.

Checking all your winter-related equipment

There is so many machinery in our house that we use only when it is winters like boiler, heater, furnace, and geyser. Then we have mentioned the generator too.

So you have to make a mental checklist of all the equipment you have and immediately get to the task of getting them check and examined. You have to make sure all your winter tools are functioning properly before the season arrives in order to avoid the panic.

Re Roof

Roofers in Huddersfield Present Different Types of Tiles

Understanding the differences between all types of tiles is quite important, especially for people who are interested in the aesthetic internal and external look of their house. Roofers in Huddersfield decided to present all of the different tiles that you can come across and choose from.

First of all, we have to mention the plain tiles, which are tiny rectangular and flat tiles that measure about 265 millimeters x 167 millimeters. An interesting fact concerning the measurements is that they date back from the time when King Edward the 4th was ruling, around 1477. The size doesn’t vary that much, not even today. The plain tiles have one broken bond and easily keep all the water away. Plain tiles usually require a gable tile that can be used on the verges. Apart from that, they require the so-called tiles “eaves”, which are used at the bottom of the tiles. There are a couple of different types of plain tiles from which you can choose from:

1) Slate – thin rectangular sections of quarried metamorphic rock that come in varying sizes and thicknesses.
2) Plain Tiles – small rectangular sections of clay with a smooth or sanded surface finish.
3) Pantiles – a distinctive clay tile with an ‘S’ shaped profile.
4) Roman Tiles – similar to a Pantile, but has a cross section that is flat with a small roll.

Slate roof tiles are a cost effective alternative to natural roofing slates. A strong, lightweight interlocking concrete product. The Plain Tile has the appearance of a traditional clay tile but the strength and economy of a concrete tile. Ideal for historic restorations and projects where subtle aesthetic appearance and cost efficiency are a priority.

Pantiles are different types of tiles which are made out of clay and are flattened to look like they are in “S” shape. The shape of these tiles creates an appearance that looks quite distinctive, and because of their popularity in the past years, they are now considered as one of Britain’s greatest vernacular materials used for roofing.

Another type of tiles that Eagle Roofing regularly work with are the Roman tiles. The specific Roman design is quite interesting and different. These tiles are flat shaped and have a tiny roll which is sliding down on the right side of the Roman tile. Historically, one of the most wanted designs in Britain is the double Roman tile that comes in concrete. The original Roman style evolved similarly to the pantiles, but became a bit different in the end because this style comes from the well-known Imbrex and Tegula tiles. The curved and the flat tile were put together in order to create one single unit. Therefore, the mixture that came out of Tegula and Imbrex has become popular in such a short period of time. One of the tiles that became well-known worldwide was the Bambino tile. Nevertheless, these days, the models which exhibit a more delicate and tinier roll have slowly but surely become the true norm when it comes to Roman tiles. The early versions of this type of tile were quite popular in Belgium back in the 50’s. The name of the tile that was popular in Belgium was Sterreberg, also known as the Flemish tile. This is a unique looking tile which was generally used in the Belgian region back in the days.


How to Repair or Replace the Gutter of your House at Affordable Price from Huddersfield Roofing Company?

Have you noticed a visible change in the gutters of your house? Well, worry no more, because Huddersfield roofing companies are offering gutter repairs for the most affordable price in the market. If the gutters in your house have begun to look slightly discolored, or in some cases some sort of leak has appeared out of nowhere, you should consider repairing your house’s gutters as soon as possible. Mind you, gutter repair is also important as it may damage the walls, ceiling and/or floor of your house.

Gutter repairs at an affordable price

The employees at Huddersfield roofing companies are facing these kinds of issues on a daily level. People from all around the country are in need of gutter repairs. If you need to book a company for a gutter repair, then you should not worry longer, because Huddersfield offers the most affordable services in the market. Even though there are many companies that offer gutter repairs, we can assure you that our company has the most experienced staff that will simply fix the gutters of your house in just a short period of time.

Does your house really need gutter repairs or replacement?

In some cases, it is clearly evident that just by a single glimpse you can spot some issues around the gutters of your house and you will immediately know that you need gutter repairs as quick as possible. However, to be 100% certain that you need gutter repairs or replacement, you must look for several traces.

  • The first trace is discoloration, mostly nearby the joints. If the joints have started to leak, then the color around your house’s joints will become white.
  • Another clue that will tell you if you need gutter repairs or not are the stains that appeared on the walls of your house. If the joints have already deteriorated, rain water are going to leave stains on the wall.
  • Finding debris is another clue that can easily tell you if you need gutter repairs or replacement. If your gutters are completely blocked, water is not going to flow by properly. Therefore, all of the house’s gutters are going to deteriorate quickly. If your pipers are blocked down, you might consider repairing or replacing your gutters. If they are blocked, debris might be the real cause for the overflowing of your house’s gutters.

What roofers in Huddersfield suits you best?

Here are Huddersfield roofing companies all of our employees have a lot of years of experience behind them. We have been working with gutter repairs for many years. Our staff has been doing gutter repairs of different kinds of gutters, such as cast iron, wood, fiber glass, UPVC etc. The gutters that our employees can install have ten-year guarantee. We hope you will give us a call!

Velux Window

What Do You Know About Velux Windows While Living in Huddersfield?

You might be well aware of the velux windows trend. They are quite popular and really common especially in Huddersfield. The room enlightens brightly and seems bigger with the installation of these huge, wall or ceiling supported windows.
Such kind of ventilation system is much common in houses with a pitched roof, where the room in the uppermost floor has one wall booked by a huge square of window. It has been a trend since centuries that the room beneath the roof would have a wide and enormous window. However since the past few years, velux style of ventilation has also made its way as a trend in homes with flat roofs, where their horizontal placement high up and directly above the floor looks quite unique as well as appealing.

Benefits of installation of Velux Windows:

Velux windows allow a huge amount of light to enter the house, which eliminates darkness from every corner, and that accurately serves to the actual purpose of this style of window installation. Its extra wide surface provides an extended view as well. The interior looks sun-kissed all through the day time whereas at night, the star-sky appearance adds to the beauty. If your instinct drags you towards love for nature, you would definitely opt for installation of such skylights ceilings.
Instead of getting your ceiling designed traditionally, why not give it a simple, yet classy outlook that offers dual mode of views?

Draw backs:

Certain invincible drawbacks follow the velux ventilation system, which cannot be overlooked. Firstly, along with the light enters heat, the amount of which you cannot control. Hence, there are seasons when velux windows make the room heated so much so that dwelling in that places becomes unbearable. This may call upon the need of use of more air conditioning in the room. During winters, when the snow collects onto this huge window surface, it blocks the heat from entering and therefore, more use of heating devices would be needed.

Huddersfield roofing companies:

Looking for roofing companies in Huddersfield who could get you an attractive velux window installed in your house? Well, you have landed at the right place then. If you are confused regarding with type of window installation your house needs, then seek advise from this Huddersfield roofing company, who shall survey, determine and discuss the right kind of velux ventilation that would suit your home.

Re Roof

Huddersfield Roofers

I would just like to take the time out and thank everyone for their continued support of Eagle Roofing. The last 2 years have been amazing and seen the company go from strength to strength. As a family run business we always take the time out to get to know our customers and the feedback we get is amazing. Without the positive feedback we wouldn’t be able to grow as a business so it really means a lot to us.

As a roofing company in Huddersfield We like to give back to the local community who have helped us out so much. In the last 12 months we have made links with local sports teams and helped buy much needed equipment.

Over the next 12 months we will be looking to support even more local teams so if you know of any that need our help please get in touch.

We like to think as far as huddersfield roofers Go we are one of the most honest and reliable about. Don’t take our word for it though, visit our Facebook and google plus pages to see what our customers think.

If you would like a free no obligation quote, or a free roof survey then get in touch we would be more than happy to help.

Once again I would like to thank you for all your support and I look forward to carrying out lots more projects in the coming months.