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Signs When Roof Needs Repairs And Replacements

Whether you should go for the roof replacement or not? No doubt it is a tough decision to be made, both from financial as well as time’s point of view. You contact your professional roofer and he visits you for another round of roof inspection. He suggests that your roof needs to be replaced and repair is no more an option for you. You access another contractor and he comes up with the same suggestion. It needs to be understood that there is life time of every house. Based upon the initial roofing, extreme weather conditions and maintenance of the roof, the roof needs repairs and replacements. There are certain signs that show if you need roof replacement or not. They are as follows:

Age of the roof: It is normal for roofs to survive for around 15 years depending upon its maintenance. Afterwards there regular cases of issues like torn flashings and leaks.

Torn and missing shingles: If there is huge number of missing shingles, it is suggested to replace the roof.

Condition of Interior wall touching the roof: One of the major signs to get the roof replaced is the condition of the interior walls that touch the roof. If you see there is paint loss, or marks of moisture then walls indicate the water seepage. It is the time to go for major repairs.

Extreme weather conditions: Extreme weather conditions left a huge part of the house exposed and now repairs will not work for you. One of the major causes of roof deterioration is prolonged and repeated exposure to snow, rains, hail and direct sunlight. Areas where weather has such mixed conditions, life of roof is too small.

In addition to these above mentioned causes of wear and tear of the roofs, there are several other reasons where the roofs need to be replaced. It can be faulty roof designing in the beginning, usage of improper material while constructing the roof, and so on. One of the common reasons is the clogged gutters. They cause serious damage to the roof as well as foundations of any house. Fascia boards are the most important parts of gutter that prevent the damping of the roof. You need to inspect them regularly and if there is some issue, then you should contact fascia installers in Huddersfield to make use of their UPVC roofline replacement services.

When you have decided to go for the roof replacement then you need to be careful about the multitude factors. These include time at hand, financial constraints, alternative living space and long lasting roofing etc.

Eagle Roofing takes pride in enjoying customer satisfaction since last 30 years for all types of re-roofing, roof repair, and new roof installation.

Re Roof

Re Roofing: Is It Time To Update Your Exterior Appearance

Home projects are some of the most time consuming, mentally demanding, and challenging projects for any homeowner. Since these are rather large accommodations, prepping and planning is definitely the best route to take. When it comes to a home’s roof, nothing should be left to chance and all options should at least be considered if you have the budget for it. If you’re more of the average everyday individual, staying within your budget’s parameters is the smartest way to go.

Is It Time For You To Commence To Re Roofing Your Home?

Let’s be practical here for a second as well as honest. Does your home’s ceiling have any kind of staining present? Is the roofing material of your home beginning to chip, flake, or become worn out in it’s appearance? If you answered yes to these questions then maybe it’s about time to start re roofing. Homeowners dread this specific moment in time, but it’s surely a necessary evil that will pay off in the end. No matter the budget, if your home is in need of more than a makeover then re roofing is the answer. Materials, materials, and more materials is the name of the game. Did you know that there are many different options of materials to choose from? That’s right! This is modern day living at it’s finest and these contemporary times that we live in offer some of the most advanced products. Check out the options below:

  • Rubber Roofing
  • Slate Roofing
  • Wood Roofing
  • Metal Roofing
  • Tile Roofing
  • And many more

Unless you’re residing in some type of exclusive neighborhood or area, you should be able to use whatever type of roofing material that floats your boat. Metal roofing is fairly common now days and they offer many different color hues to choose from. Metal roofing can last over 20 years unless you’re tap dancing or jack hammering your roof on a daily basis. Wood roofing gives the home a more natural appearance. It costs a bit more than the standard asphalt roofing, but it gives your home some aesthetically pleasing appeal. Tile roofing can last over 30 years. This material exudes style from every angle and it’s popular within the Spanish and Mediterranean areas. As stated above, if you’re living in some kind of exclusive area, all roofing materials aren’t easily accepted. Many exclusive neighborhoods have codes to follow so it is always good to check before you embark on this quest.


Besides the great physical appearance of your home from re roofing, it will become more energy efficient, which will help save you money. A new roof can help keep the winter chill out while retaining the heat. If you have your home on the open market, a newer, more updated roofing system will add to the home’s property value. For a more thorough look at re roofing, click here.

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Should You Replace Your Roof In The Winter

The frigid winter cold has hit hard this winter. You feel it in your joints, through your jacket, and of course, it is nipping at your nose. Of course, no one likes winter, even if they say they do. The crisp, clean air is welcome, but the countless layers of snow are detested by most people. The first thought in your mind is probably the need to change the clothes out in your dresser, make sure windows and doors are airtight, and digging out those Christmas decorations. Unfortunately, many people have prepared for winter but neglected to check their roof. They begin experiencing leaks and drips from worn areas in their roof as the ice and snow melts away during warmer days. If you are not a roofing expert, it is time to contact Eagle roofing contractors.

While replacing your roof during winter months does not seem ideal, it may be necessary. Eagle roofing does not shy away from any roofing project, even if it means a full roof replacement in the ice of winter months. They know even a small roofing problem that allows a drip can lead to a complete collapse of the roof, putting families in jeopardy.

Signs Your Roof May Need Replaced

Have you been going from one end of your roof to the other in an attempt to repair the odd, random leak? Maybe you have places on your roof that have curled up, balding tiles, or tiles that are completely missing. Did you try your best to put a temporary fix on your roof in hopes that it would last until spring, only to find out that the problem is becoming worse as it freezes and thaws?

If your roof is more than 20-years old, you may need to have it replaced to protect the integrity of your home’s structure. A roof that is more than 20-years old can also cause your home owner’s insurance to default. A roof that is at least 20 years old begins to develop problems, such as balding tiles and weather damage that can lead to serious leaks. If your home owner’s insurance will no longer cover your roof, it may not cover any damage that your roof causes to the rest of your house.

If you have any of these signs, or it is more than 20 years old, it is time to call in a professional for a thorough evaluation, even if it is in the dead of winter.

While your contractor is evaluating your roof, you can have them determine whether you need gutter repair, chimney repair, lead work, or a quick minor repair to prevent other types of damage to your property as the winter drains the life from them.

Other Things That Should Be Checked

As your roof is being evaluated, there are other things that should be checked. You should be made aware if any of the following are necessary.

  • Gutter repair
  • Chimney repair
  • Lead work
  • Whether the boards under your tiles are still in good condition

You should be provided with an onsite list of repairs that are necessary and others that are recommended. You can also find out whether a more affordable roofing option is available to you, such as felt roofs.

If you are not sure who to turn to, always choose Eagle Roofing. We have a great reputation, countless customer testimonials, and the peace of mind that your roof will be taken care of, just like we would care for our own. Just because your roof has minor problems, does not mean it needs fully replaced. Minor repairs can be handled in a short amount of time, even in the worst part of winter.

If you have a roof problem, do not wait until spring to call for a consultation. The last Christmas present you want to give your family is a living room full of snow as they open their gifts … well, unless it lands on your grumpy uncle.

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Prominent Signs of Roof Replacement

When we talk about the roofing industry, price is the major factor that directs the decision. One of the bigger expenses for the home owners is when they have to see if they need to get their roof repaired or replaced. Roof should be repaired and makes sense when the cost of repairing is considerably low as compared to the roof replacement. People usually overlook the long term consequences of repairing cost. In case the repairing is done speedily, poorly or has been done using the material that is that will not withstand the conditions then trust me, future maintenance cost will be skyrocket in every sense and manner. Full roof replacement is sane only when there are no options of getting the roof repaired or when one is constructing a new house. In this piece of writing we will be talking about certain signs that will facilitate you in deciding if you must get your roof replaced or repaired. They will help you a little in making the right decision for your roof.

It is suggested that roof should be inspected at least twice a year; once in spring and once in the fall season.  Proper usage of flashlight or visibility should be ensured and also crawl in to your attic space to have close observations.

Interior structure of the roof:

Roof needs to be replaced if:

  • There are dark spots on the roof
  • Roof deck areas appear to be sagging
  • You see light shining through your roof
  • There are leaks and water damages

Exterior structure of the roof:

In the very same way, look at the exterior of the roof for the following things:

  • You see the roof to be bald, cracked, and torn
  • Loose materials around the roof fixtures
  • Loose granules in large amount
  • Mold, rot, and moisture
  • Water standing in the pathways
  • There is coagulation in the ventilation system

Though these are the signs of roofs to be replaced but then again it must be kept in mind that the above mentioned list of signs is not a comprehensive one that specify the fact that roof should be replaced. There are several other considerations to be kept in mind, like the extent to which the roof has been damaged, materials used in the roof, age of the roof, and the climate of the environment around. Though to determine the fact that the roof should be replaced or repaired, is not a simple task. It is better to consult professional roofers in Huddersfield and see how they will serve you with their expertise.

Eagle roofing is one such reliable name in the roofing industry that are serving people since long. They are offering services like chimney repairs, gutter repair, flat roof repair and so on. Visit their site and look for the services they offer to you. They will serve you at their best and you will not regret working with them.

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Problems and Benefits With Various Roofing Designs

Gable Roof

This is also referred to as the peaked roof and is one of the most popular in the United Kingdom. You will easily recognize this type of roof by its triangular shape.


These types of roofs will easily shed snow and water as well as provide ample space in the attic. The ceiling also provides for excellent ventilation which is rare from other roofing designs. It is very easy to maintain compared to any other roofing designs.


If your house has a gable roof, you might it very problematic in the event of high winds and hurricanes. If the constructor did not strengthen the traces, they are prone to collapse in the event of a hurricane or a strong wind. It is also very common for roofing materials to peel away from gable roofs. If the roof is very much overhang winds can create an uplift which will lead to it detaching from the walls. If you are experiencing a problem with this kind of roof we provide some of the best roof repairs Huddersfield.

Suggested materials

Almost all types of roofing materials can roof this design from cedar shakes, and metal and clay tiles.

Hip Roof

This kind of roof has slopes on all of its 4 sides. All the sides are equal and come together to form a ridge at the top.


Compared to gable roofs, they are more stable. The shape also makes the roof durable and stable. If you are living in very snowy or windy areas, this is the roof to go with. The slopes facilitate for a smooth disposal of snow leaving no water on the roof. This kind of roof also offers a lot of space in the attic at the same time providing excellent ventilation for the house.


They are beautiful but don’t forget that they are expensive to install. This design is more complex hence requires more skills and materials. Due to the presence of many seams, it can result to leakages if it is not properly installed.


Just like the gable roof, hip roofs can be made of any material that is available for roofing. If you are experiencing problems with this kind of roof, we offer roof repairs Huddersfield. Contact us today for professional information about the possible repairs on your roof.

Mansard Roof

You will commonly hear people refer this roof as the French roof. It is 4 sided with double slopes on every side. You will find out that its lower slope is steeper than the one at the top. Depending on the style you want the sides can be curved or flat.


This type of roof will provide ample space for you to live in. this makes it one of the most popular roofing designs in the UK. This kind of roof is excellent for people who want to continue building their homes in future. It is also an excellent choice to save money with.


With its low pitched roof, this design is not popular for areas that receive a lot of snowfall.


This is a very special kind of roof, therefore, it will require some special materials for a perfect installation. Metals such zinc or copper are perfect for this kind of roof but the upfront cost is very high. However, you will reap the benefits of these materials when it comes to maintaining the roof.

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One Sure Way to Avoid Re Roof

Re roof cost some serious money but you can avoid it for a long time if you follow this one simple tip.  Although the dire need to re roof any building or house does not come not very often. At the same time, re roofing is not unheard of as well.

Many roofers have agreed that if you do just one thing, you can avoid the chances of re roofing for a very long time. The tip is not a rocket science but people still fails to acknowledge its importance when counting or estimating roof life. We are talking about roof maintenance/cleaning here.

How often is roof maintenance required?

Every roof is different so it has different requirements. There is no one-for-all formula when it comes to roof maintenance. Also, there are many other variables that dictate the repetition of cycle like the climate of the area, the age of the house, the type of roof structure and material and so on.

However, most roofers agree that a roof should be cleaned at least a minimum of two times in a year. The roofers suggest cleaning the roof after it’s been through a tough weather or before the start of intense climate. Basically, the change of season defines the maintenance of the roof.

How to clean the roof in order to avoid re roof?

Here again, there is no defined formula to clean the roof but you should take care of following points or checklist.


Part of the maintenance or cleaning is to look for damages. The corners, gutters, chimneys, and the upper membrane are the most sensitive areas of roofs. So you should try to pay attention to these areas on the roof. Also, the regular maintenance allows you to fix damages when they are small and curable. Clearly, lack of maintenance will give enough time to any tiny damage to turn into a massive problem.


The roof is in open so debris will find a home on your roof. Mostly, fallen leaves comprise the major part of the debris. You need to clean the mess and keep your roof clear, as debris combined with rain water or even moisture can impact the outer layer of the roof. It must be noticed that unattended debris on the roof for years can cause permanent damage.

Wash it with water:

We understand you can’t keep the dust and sand away from the roofs for too long but washing it with water can have greater advantages in terms of roof performance. However, you must consult with the relevant municipalities because they might require you take some additional measures in order to avoid the drainage of water on the ground.

If the whole cleaning-and-maintaining-your-roof has overwhelmed you, there are plenty of roofers that offer roof maintenance services at an exceptionally low cost.

Finally, if you are providing the right medicine to your roof, it will survive for a long time and hence no re roofing.

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Signs that It’s Time for Roof Replacement

Most of us know it’s time to replace our car when it starts to constantly break down. We know we have to replace our carpet when it turns gray or stained. We replace our clothing attires when new fashions arise or when our current ones no longer fit us. And you know that it is time to replace your phone when that new model hits the market. What about our roofs?

The time to replace a roof is not always apparent unless it catches fire, gets knocked down by a tree or collapse. However, there are other subtle signs which indicate that it is time to contact one of the roofing companies Huddersfield. Here are signs which are clear indicators that you need to replace your roof:

Most roofing companies offer a 20 years warranty. Therefore if your roof has been there for more than two decades, you know that it is time to replace it. There is a good chance that it might start leaking or even collapse. Take precaution by replacing it.

  1. When the appearance from the street looks pathetic

Your curb’s look is very important. It makes no sense to harm this look by keeping a very ugly roof. Go out on the street and look over your roof to identify the sports or parts that make it ugly, especially on the areas around vents and chimneys.

  1. When it starts to leak into your attic

We all know the effects of a leaky roof. It will lead to the deterioration of the interior décor and you know what that means. Stained paint all over your chimney roofs not only leak water but also light. Once you spot some rays of light penetrating through the roof, you know it is time to contact one of the roofing companies Huddersfield

  1. If you come to find out that your electric bills are rising for no reason

A good roof is built to control the temperatures within your house. If your house is getting warmer each and every day, and the fan are just turning for 24 hours, it is time to replace the roof. Spoilt roofs may also be the cause of cold temperatures in your house. Contact Eagle roofing for professional advice if any of these is happening to you.

  1. When its tiles look bad

It is very important to conduct an examination of the tiles on your roof. If they look pathetic, you don’t require an angel to fly down and tell you it’s time to repair your roof.

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Why handmade clay tiles are a durable roofing option

The UK is a hub of classical heritage and architecture. There are thousands of historic buildings using handmade clay tiles as roofs. The heritage buildings play a vital role in defining the identity and meaning of this country.

These architectural gems are the reason for much economic growth as well in terms of tourism. Of course, roofs are an integral part of these heritage buildings and in order to maintain them, the preservation of legacy roofing methods and material is important.

Re Roofing Options Today and Why Clay Roofing is still valid

If you are looking for re roofing your house due to any reason, why don’t you give clay roofing a serious shot? There is no harm in talking to your roofer about the possible clay roof for your house.

Handmade clay tiles cannot go out of fashion or market as there are plenty of legacy buildings in the country that require them, either for repair or maintenance. The clay roof has an exceptional quality of looking flawless and enduring the moods of the British weather.

Types of Clay Roofs

Modern machine-made clay tiles

The modern machine-made clay tiles combine two processes to make the final product. The clay tiles are made automatically and just taken off the line manually. The tiles have natural color and they are very durable. The production process of machine made tiles isn’t labor intensive. Machine made tiles prove to be a perfect and cheaper alternative for a traditional look.

Handmade clay tiles

The handmade clay tiles are produced as per set British Standards of strength, resistance and water permeability. Each tile is made by hand which gives it a unique and special appearance and texture. Handmade clay tiles have a very long lifespan. They have been reputed to survive for centuries.

There are many manufacturers that offer different handmade clay tiles options for roofing in order to recreate the traditional look and flawlessness of heritage structures.

Clay Roofing requires Expert Roofer

It is generally believed that machine made clay tiles are easier to use in a roof than the handmade ones. Well, it is not true as both types of clay tiles take an equal amount of time and effort. However, it is true that clay roofing is a trickier task and only expert roofers can handle it.

For re roofing with clay tiles, you must pick the right roofer and check his credentials. If you manage to get clay roofing for your house, you will be adding to the rich architectural heritage of this country. Besides, clay roofs have a mind-blowing capability of turning ordinary into extraordinary.

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Six Roofing Services of Eagle Roofing

Eagle Roofing is a roofing company actively working in England. It has been active since 1980’s and has grown into a giant name in the roofing industry. After working on literally countless projects, Eagle Roofing understands the weather and architectural structure in the region.

Most of the time it is easier for us to find the root cause of the problem because we have worked on such problems thousands of time before. Also, this experience helps us to solve the problem quickly as we have the roadmap to the solution already laid out before us.

Eagle Roofing can solve any roofing problem without any hesitation. Here are the six roofing services of Eagle Roofing;

Re Roof

There are many reasons that may lead to re roof. Usually, roofers suggest re roof when the roof is beyond repair. There are many situations that can lead up to that. Usually, if a problem is neglected for too long, it becomes hard to simply repair it as it has caused major damage to the area surrounding it.

In such situation, the roofers like to re roof. Eagle Roofing has done a fair number of re roofing and we always explain the whole situation to our clients before the starting the work.

Flat Roof

Flat roofs are amazing as they are not very expensive to install. However, they have a short span of life as compared to other forms of roofs like sloped ones. Anyway, if flat roofs are maintained properly, they can survive for a long period of time.

In case of any issues with your flat roof, feel free to call Eagle Roofing.

Chimney Repair

Chimney is also a delicate area in your house that requires proper maintenance and repair. If chimneys are neglected for long, they can actually catch up the fire, which is absolutely dangerous. So anything related to chimney must be your first priority.

Eagle Roofing understands that there are many roofers out there who like to play the danger card in order to charge you extra but we are a transparent company and works in collaboration with our client.

Velux Window

Velux windows are a great way to bring in the sunlight in the house. So if you are looking to construct one in your house, Eagle Roofing can help you out.

Lead Work

Lead work is very crucial and complex. If you don’t choose the right roofer for it, there is a fair chance that inexperience might ruin your whole roof. So always go for experience in lead work and who better than Eagle Roofing.

Gutter Repairs

Gutter repairs are important, especially in rainy season. So you should contact people who can ensure your gutter is running smoothly before the heavy rain pours down.

Areas we provide these services in;

  • Huddersfield
  • Halifax
  • Mirfield
  • Dewsbury
  • Marsden
  • Holmfirth


Re Roof

Re-roof, New Roof, Roof Repair– What should you do?

Before we begin to explain what the right option for your roof is, let us define what each of this term mean;


Re-roof is basically replacing your damaged roof with a new one. This type of measure is taken in the extreme situation.

New Roof

A new roof basically means installing a brand new roof in your house.  The difference between new roof and re-roof is that a new roof is installed once when the house is constructed. After that if anything happens to the roof and it has to be replaced, then you have to re-roof the house.

Roof Repair

Roof repair is pretty self-explanatory. If anything happens to your roof then roof repair is the only solution.

So new roof is an absolutely brand new roof installed for the first time, re-roof is the replacement of a damaged roof with a new one, and roof repair is simply fixing any issues with the roof.

The current status of your roof

Before deciding to go for anything, the first focus point should be the current situation of your roof. How is it, what are the challenges, what are the red zone areas, what parts need immediate attention and other related queries.

We have a general checklist for your roof. It will give you a rough idea of the status of your roof;


  • Missing tiles
  • Discoloration
  • Water ponding
  • Cracks
  • Bumps
  • Sags
  • Hollowness

Note: this list is not an all-inclusive one. You should consult professional roofers for proper inspection.

What’s better – Re-roof or Roof Repair

So now we come to the ultimate question, what should be done with the roofs? Re-roof or roof repair? Well, the simple answer is, if it is too bad then reroof is the best option and if it is repairable then roof repair. However, the trickiest thing to figure out is the level of severity of your roof.

It should be kept in mind that the cost difference between re-roof and roof repair is huge.

A professional roofer can be of help here. You should call experienced roofers in your area and let them inspect your roof and let them suggest the solution. There is a probability that the recommendation from the roofer is biased based on their own greed of making profits by suggesting the expensive solution. So you should at least go for three roofing companies before making a decision.

The Final Verdict

The final verdict about re-roof or roof repair should be of your roofer. The company should inspect and suggest you re-roof or repair option based on facts.

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Roofers in Huddersfield Open up About Poor Installation of Roofs

Roofs go through problems that are caused by nature, age, or lack of maintenance. However, sometimes you have to pay for the sins of others. The people you have hired to fix the roof are not able or skilled enough to do their job properly. This negligence is the worst because it increases your budget and time estimation for a task. Also, you hate it more than anything else since it was not your fault to begin with.

Just imagine, you have hired a roofer to install a new roof. The company messes up the process and you begin to face the consequences. Now you have to find a new experienced and professional roofer to fix the chaos created by another roofer. The costing and time of the new roofer will be from scratch. Also, installing a new roof is different and fixing a poorly installed roof is a complex and complicated task.

Lack of research

The reason you have got it wrong is because of lack of research. You hired the wrong roofers in Huddersfield because you did not research properly. It is important to check the company properly before giving them the contract.

Tempting yet unbelievable offers

Another plausible reason you hired the fraud roofer is because of the tempting offer you received. You must have heard the term, “too good to be true”. Of course, roofers in Huddersfield offer generous discounts but there is a limit to that. Anything that seems too farfetched will land you in trouble for sure.

Inexperienced roofers

Maybe the research and pricing showed no doubt when you picked a roofer but what you failed to notice is the company’s experience. No matter how great the roofers may seem but there is no replacement for experience. Especially, if you are aware that you have a complex structure, make sure you choose only professional roofers in Huddersfield.

The only plausible solution is to hire a roofer who has experience, reputation and offers affordable rates for proper installation of a new roof.

Re Roof

Home Maintenance: How to do it better and quickly

Home maintenance is not an easy job but we all have to do it in order to get a long life out of our places. Also, it is a truth that we need shortcuts to reduce our level of efforts required to take care of the house.
Well, here we have a small list of checkups that are more than enough for any home. The great thing is that following things are really easy and quick to do;

Avoid Gutter Repairs

The gutter repairs are necessary only when the gutter is damaged but what if your gutter is never injured. Won’t it save you a lot of money and efforts in finding the right roofer for the job?
So you can avoid the gutter repairs by checking it every once in a while for leaves and debris.

Hire Roofing Services for Professional Roof Checkups

If you hire a roofer for a re-roof job then it will be costly but if you hire roofers in Halifax for the quarterly roof checkups, it will be so much cheaper.
You must find ways to invest the money in small chunks in your house to avoid spending a large sum of money on repairing damages that could have been easily avoided. So hire Eagle Roofing immediately for regularly checking your roof and home.

Velux Windows or Window seals

Often times, the window seals are not as tight as they are supposed to be and they end up letting the warmth of your room slip outside, which creates more pressure on the heater.
So you must fix all the gaps in your window seals to ensure the long life of your heater. Also, it will have a huge impact on your power bills.

Adjusting Sidewalks

The sidewalks are full of cracks and require repairs all the time. Before winters, you should fix any type of problem with your sidewalks because it becomes impossible to get rid of snow from a damaged sidewalk.

Add proper lights outside

It is a security measure to have proper lighting outside the house, especially if you live alone. You come and go all the time at night so it is always good to enter and leave your house in lights. It doesn’t matter what type of neighborhood you live in or how awesome people around you are but it is always good to be on safe side.

Chimney Repairs

Capping the chimneys in the winters is very important because the many crawling small animals will enter the chimney to save themselves from the cold.
It is recommended to get your chimney examined properly before the winters from inside out as they also get iced up and often chimney boots are cracked. It is good to have chimneys in perfect condition before the winters.